School tie-breaker election June 11

HARLINGEN — Voters in the Harlingen school district will be heading back to the polls next month to break a tie for school board trustee.

The election to vote for either Eladio Jaimez or Rosalinda Mercado-Garza will take place June 11.

The election is being held because both candidates received 1,422 votes May 7.

The initial count put Jaimez ahead by one vote, 1,422 to Mercado-Garza’s 1,421 votes.

However, last Saturday the Early Voting Election Board added one provisional ballot to the school board election returns. The extra vote was in favor of Mercado-Garza, bringing the vote to a tie.

The candidates had the option of flipping a coin to determine the winner. The Texas Election Code gives them that option.

However, both candidates declined the coin toss, stating they had a responsibility to their supporters to continue their campaigns.

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