Laguna Vista using grant funds to make street improvements without tax increases

LAGUNA VISTA — The grant application to reconstruct Orange Lane from Hibiscus Drive to FM 510 has received a preliminarily recommendation for funding by The Texas Department of Agriculture.

The amount of the grant is $238,870.

“This is exciting news for the community,” said City Manager Rolando Vela.

“The town, with the leadership and support from the town council, has made street improvements a priority and is striving to make these improvements throughout the community,” Vela said.

The town has used grant funds to make improvements to Hibiscus Drive, Palo Blanco Drive, Tangello Court and Mango Court.

Recently, general funds were used to make improvements to Mesquite Drive and Palm Drive.

These street improvements were completed with no tax increases.

“We’re pleased with this news. As a town, we’ve completed these street improvements with no tax increases,” said Mayor Susie Houston.

“We’ve been prudent with our limited funds and have attempted to maximize grants like this one. We also save money by our town staff self-administering these grants.”

To “make” money, the staff administers all grants it receives in-house, Vela said.

The town ends up getting reimbursed by the state for the staff’s time in grant administration.

“We have an obligation to the citizens to be frugal with our limited resources and to make every effort to maximize the opportunities we have to generate revenues for the town by self-administering grants such as this one,” Vela said.