People should lead own lives

I would like to make an observation, first you should know I have conservative values, but believe people should lead their lives as they think.

My observation: I notice that if you don’t think like a liberal they want to destroy you.

Examples: * Chick-fil-a – the mayor of New York City wants them to be boycotted and run out of his town. Most mayors want businesses to come to their town to bring revenue to the whole city, but he has a hatred for them.

* Transgenders using bathrooms – if you believe that a boy should not go into the girls dressing room, they want to demonize you, why? Can’t other people think different without worrying about repercussions?

* Legalizing same sex marriage why can’t other people have a different view without being called a homophobe? Companies are boycotting North Carolina, yet they do business in the Middle East, where they kill homosexuals.

* Black lives matter – disagree and you are a racist * Conservative and sometimes liberal speakers at colleges shouted down or told they can’t speak – why?

The radical left, backed by George Soros, is trying to turn this country into Greece, France, and other failed government run countries.

We can’t let them.

He and his kind want riots in the streets because they don’t want to tolerate dissenting beliefs.

Look at history of countries that didn’t tolerate dissenting beliefs, Venezuela, Nazi Germany, 1940s Italy, Iraq, Iran, etc.

Don Shafer San Benito