Harlingen couple celebrate 73rd wedding anniversary

HARLINGEN — Joseph Plomin hopped into his Toyota to drive over to his wife Garnette just like he does every day.

But, yesterday wasn’t just any other day. It was a special day.

The Plomin’s, both 94, celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary with their daughter, Janet Hayes, and friends at the Retama Manor Nursing Center.

“The secret is taking care of each other,” Joseph said. “We talk about things and discuss what is happening.”

The two met in Chicago while working at Stewart-Warner manufacturing plant, contracted by the U.S. military during World War II.

Back then, Joseph would take Garnette out on dates in his maroon 1933 convertible Plymouth fitted with white wall tires.

“We had a lot of good times,” Joseph said.

Today Garnette clings to an enlarged heart-shaped pillow to provide comfort from her triple bypass heart surgery she recently had.

Garnette is also legally blind.

Joseph drives to visit Garnette at the center three times a day. He lives a few blocks away at the Camelot Retirement Home.

“For a young girl, she is doing pretty good,” Joseph said.

One of their worst memories they shared was when Garnette received word Joseph was missing in action during World War II.

Plomin served in the Army’s 5th Infantry Division, 10th Battalion, Company B.

Joseph was captured in France when German flamethrowers attacked his company and forced his surrender and held him a prisoner of war.

He did eventually return, but not unscathed.

He lost all feeling in his feet due to the cold weather during the time in the prison camp.

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