Fun for all: Playground for kids coming

HARLINGEN — Under a magical setting, long ramps help children in wheelchairs move from one play station to the next.

There might be slides leading to swingsets carrying children in wheelchairs.

All-inclusive playgrounds are coming to Harlingen.

As part of an agreement, the city will work with the school district to build two playgrounds focused on special needs children.

“It’s almost like having a playground that is a classroom,” Harlingen schools Superintendent Arturo Cavazos said yesterday. “It allows them to explore other senses.”

This week, city officials unveiled plans to build all-inclusive playgrounds at Lon C. Hill Park and Pendleton Park.

As part of the project, the city and school district will split the $400,000 cost of each playground.

Last year, voters approved a 10-cent tax increase allowing the school district to earmark $400,000 for the project.

For the school district, the playgrounds will help students with special needs learn outside the classroom.

“It gives kids the opportunity to enhance social skills to physically build motor skills, to build sensory skills,” Cavazos said.

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