Propaganda goes both ways

This morning I read Mr. Rodriguez’s letter “Propaganda Continues.”

I agree that the citizens could use a bit more in the line of unbiased facts, and truth, whatever that is.

President Obama is not a devil, nor is Donald Trump an angel.

Angels are not voted into office. I think our President is somewhat left of center on the political continuum. I think Mr. Trump is slightly right of Atilla the Hun.

I believe Mr. Rodriguez has formed his opinions the same way as the people he pillories. In his article he made references that are no more original than the ones daily stated in a newspaper.

His comment on Judge Curiel was not telling. The judge was honored by a professional association.

What has that to do with the price of cotton?

As for the judge being appointed by President Obama, eureka, all federal judges are appointed by a President.

My guess is the judge presiding over Mr. Trump’s case is more a matter of geography than selection.

I am, politically a centrist, leaning to the left a bit. In this election I find both major candidates lacking.

I am not certain to whom I might give my vote. However, I would not vote for the Donald with a gun at my head.

As a final observation, Mr. Rodriguez writes he is to “try and counter the daily dose of liberal propaganda.”

That my friend is called “glittering generality” and is a standard in propaganda.

Ken Cantine Laguna Vista