Real issues need to be discussed

Wake up Americans, there are things of much more importance than sex or, if there isn’t, we deserve to be called SOB’s.

Is the TV, electronically possessed world making us intellectual zombies?

Is our foreign policy to be hinged to sexual orientation?

Are these to be the most prominent national issues around?

I can’t believe that many of our college students seem to believe that if something makes them feel good, do it, while understanding how our government works stirs little interest.

Knowledge and the seeking of it seems to be secondary to mostly mundane, superficial things.

At this rate, there will be more than one of us “fiddling while Rome burns,” Imagine the tremendous problems that face the world while Obama finds issuing a memo ordering American diplomats abroad to advance the rights of same sex marriage, and the rights of bisexual, and transgender persons.

The U.S government also announced that the fight against these rights and sexual discrimination would be a central point of its foreign policy, and transgressing nations like Nigeria could be denied aid.

Since when should we dictate sexual preferences to other countries or even to our own countrymen.

There are still countries that preserve that right for themselves.

Zakari Mohammed, a Nigerian lawmaker said, “We have a culture. We have religious beliefs and we have a tradition. We are black people.

“We are not white, and so the U.S cannot impose its culture on us. Same sex marriage is alien to our culture and we can never give it a chance.

“So if (Western nations) withhold their aid to us, to hell with them.”

Perhaps we Americans, black or white should express the same sentiments.

We are not in national social services, and our constitution does not delegate the U.S. as the example of sexual morals (heaven forbid) anywhere for that matter.

I say, “Get out of the bedroom and tend to our ‘real’ national and international problems.”

Sincerely, Norma Christian Raymondville