Store’s customers claim millions in Brownsville

BROWNSVILLE — The reputation of the Exxon Food Store on Alton Gloor Boulevard in Brownsville is about to get bigger.

Already known as the store to go to if you want to buy a winning lottery ticket, the store sold $8 million in winning tickets within the past week.

The latest winners are Brownsville resident Christina Logan and Miguel Rodriguez, Texas Lottery officials said. Both purchased their tickets at the Exxon Food Store.

Logan won $1 million in a Mega Millions lottery ticket. Rodriguez won $7.5 million in the High Roller Casino Action scratch off.

For selling the winning scratch off, the Exxon Food store is eligible for a $10,000 bonus.

Store manager Mildret Rocha said she anticipates the store getting busier as word gets out that two more winning tickets were sold at the business.

She said business already had picked up after word spread that the Exxon Store was one of the top sellers in winning lottery tickets in the state.

“We started getting more customers from Brownsville. They also come from Los Fresnos, San Benito, they are from everywhere,” Rocha said.

Rodriguez is a regular customer at the store, Rocha said. She was unaware that he had bought a winning ticket until contacted by Texas Lottery officials.

“He didn’t tell us. He bought it last week, and he cashed it on Wednesday when he went to Austin,” Rocha said. This is the first time the store has sold a ticket that brought in such a high prize.

With the Mega Millions and Powerball jackpots growing, Rocha hopes her store will sell one of the winning tickets for those high jackpots.

“Hopefully, somebody hits the Powerball or the Mega Million. It would be nice,” Rocha said.