Local students learn art of live newscasts

HARLINGEN — “Hi! I’m Harlo Fields. We have a lot to cover so let’s get to it.”

She stopped and some footage about Dorraine Araiza began to play on a large TV screen. The footage showed Araiza, who teaches gifted and talented students at both Wilson and Sam Houston elementary schools. As she moves among her students, a narrator’s voice tells viewers about her winning the Teacher Legend Award.

Harlo, a fifth grader at Treasure Hills Elementary, waited quietly for the pre-recorded footage to end, enjoying her few minutes of fame as the main anchor.

“I love it because I love getting in front of everything,” said Harlo, 10. “It’s like my passion. We had to write all of our stories.”

She was one of 13 students who took the week-long KHGN AV Camp with Patricia Guajardo.

“It’s just giving them experience on how a newscast is put together,” said Guajardo, who teaches the KHGN Production Class.

Meanwhile, the show continued. Lucas Armijo, 12, stood ready at the camera. He held his hand high to give Ashley Gomez the signal to begin speaking as co-anchor. Ashley, 15, stood in front of a green screen, waiting to introduce the next story about Valerie Martinez, a student who donated some books.

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