Truth is truth

In response to “Propaganda goes both ways,” why is making light of facts that the media does not, qualify as being propaganda ?

Call it “glittering generality” if you like, but one letter in the VMS in no way makes up for the media’s daily unbridled left wing propaganda.

And yes sir, I for one know that the POTUS appoints Federal Judges as well as nominating Supreme Court Justices. Unfortunately, most uninformed voters don’t have a clue.

They (uninformed voters) are the reason we have taxpayer funded abortion (56 million slaughtered unborn babies so far, call them fetuses if you like), legalized homosexual marriage, and males being allowed in the same bathrooms and locker rooms as young girls and old ladies.

And sir, the truth is the truth, something that is extremely hard to find in today’s society.

N. Rodriguez Harlingen