Driven to Succeed

HARLINGEN — As the saying goes “Memories are the special moments of our life that tell our story.”

Fortunately, for Harlingen High school senior Elvira Fraga, she’s been lucky enough to have made plenty of them in such a short period of time.

Whether it was running up and down the hardwood floors for basketball or volleyball, Fraga has done more in the past four years than most will do in a lifetime.

This season, despite seeing her time on the court dwindle due to an ACL tear, Fraga still managed to score 300 points and maintain a 48 percent shooting percentage. Tied with only one other teammate, for the highest in the team.

But for her mother Laura Fraga, its nothing she hasn’t see before.

In fact, for as long as Laura can remember, there hasn’t been a time when Elvira hasn’t been surprising her.

“I have always been very proud of her,” she said. “As parents you always want to shout it out to the world and it’s because we are very proud of everything she has accomplished.”

However, while her successes on the basketball court that has garnered the most attention. It’s the accolades outside the athletic limelight that make Fraga the person she is today.

And the proof hangs on a giant 50-foot billboard that towers over Harrison Avenue. That board prominently displays Harlingen High’s top 10 students. One of which Fraga is.

Influenced by her sister, who graduated in the top 10 of her class, Fraga has long sought to replicate that achievement and graduate with the same distinction.

Not only did she graduate in the top 10 of her class, but did so while participating in a plethora of clubs.

Aside from basketball (9-12), Fraga participated in Student Council (9-12), Parent Teacher Student Association (11-12), Media Tech Club (11-12) and Rio Grande Valley LEAD (11-12).

Fraga also held leadership positions as Treasurer for the National Honor Society (12th), captain for the volleyball team (12th), Vice President for National Technical Honor Society (12th) and Secretary for her Media Tech Club (12th).

“I love all the organizations I’m involved in and like being active within them, because we do a lot of useful stuff within our school and within our community,” said Fraga. “Always knowing that I’m helping people keeps me motivated.”

That motivation led Fraga to volunteer for a number organizations including: the Queen of Peace Church, Wellness Kickoff, Cancer Awareness walk and the United Blood Service.

However, of all the accolades Fraga has amassed, the Hall of Fame distinction is the one she that she treasures the most.

“To start off I never thought I was going to be in the Hall of Fame because there are other girls that are a little more well known,” said Fraga.

“Just knowing that the teachers recognized me and voted for me as a top student made it that more special.”

Beyond the court and beyond academics, many who know Fraga know she is determined to triumph. And her undeniable drive to succeed added to her selfless demeanor only speaks to a fraction of her character.

“Elvira is a humble and hardworking person that would always put her team first,” said Harlingen head basketball coach Ashley Moncivaiz.

“When faced with adversity she expressed to me that she could not be sidelined because she wanted to be on the court to help her team at all costs. And that’s the sign of a true leader.”

After graduation, Fraga will attend Texas A&M University where she will study business and accounting.