Finding Jesus

I just read Filemon Vela’s letter to Trump, which wowed Washington.

This letter is something that comes from a person of a very good heart and a person who is very close to God. I’ve walked in these feelings and lack of understanding of how some people can be so hard and cruel to people when we should be reaching out and helping them.

This is something that makes a better world for everyone on earth to live in.

I’ve lived so many years trying to understand these people with lack of love to reach out and help others so much in need of help.

God has always helped me in one way or another. But just recently helped me not only understand these people like Vela stated that should take your border wall and shove it up your ass.

So, guess how God helped me to understand?

I’m in church and not much of a Bible reader and reading about the tax collector people hated. I think maybe he cheated them, I’m not sure.

Well, the tax collector wanted to see Jesus when he came walking down the road, but he was so short, so he climbed up a tree.

I don’t remember if he waved at Jesus, but it ended up with Jesus looking up to him and saying today, I’ll spend the day with you.

Has that changed my life forever.

So all these people we meet, this was my answer from Jesus.

I’m not worried about Vela. His ways and his heart are there to help all.

Catherine Fluke Harlingen