Honoring parental volunteers

SAN BENITO — The Parental Involvement Department volunteers have had a busy school year.

In terms of numbers, 704 registered volunteers served the district in the 2015-2016 school year.

Those volunteers served all 19 campuses, with a total of 14,852 hours served.

Because of their dedication to the school district, during Tuesday night’s school board meeting, 26 were honored for their service as parent volunteers.

They have provided so much to our community and schools, said District Coordinator Luis Gonzales Jr.

Of those honored, were those who volunteered more than 100 hours of their time.

“They are the machine of what we do at the different campuses. Some are there Monday through Friday. They are there when administration needs them,” Gonzales said.

“They are our all stars.”

The organization is always accepting parent volunteers.

“Our numbers increase every year and we would like to continue that,” Gonzales said. “By the time I retire, I’d like that number to at 2,500.”

If you were to put a money value on that, Gonzales said the number of hours served equated to $107,677 worth of services provided.

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Voluntary success

These are the 26 parent volunteers honored earlier this week in San Benito.

Name            Hours

-Cynthia Silva   420

-Janie Nunez     375

-Mary Solis       350

-Debbie Mills     275


Longoria           275

-Julia Obregon   230

-Luz Garcia       225


Maldonado        225


Hernandez        200

-Rebecca Vega   195

-Jessica Obregon 190

-Crystal Gamez   190

-Diana Munoz      185

-Juanita Lopez     180

-Rosa Gomez      180

-Patricia Aguilar   180

-Maria Lyzette

Lanoy                 180

-Frank Solis         175

-Mari Hernandez   160

-Juanita Gaytan     160

-Margarita Vigil     140


Quintanilla            130

-Angela Juarez       120

-Maribel Perales     110

-Beatriz Ramirez    110

-Cristina Obregon   110

-Cristina Sanchez   110

More information

For more information about the Parental Involvement Department call 956-361-6310.