Turning La Feria around?

I have attended the meetings at city hall for many years from the 1990s in La Feria. Only missed a few when I did not like the mayor we had.

At 83 years old, I know my time is getting shorter to continue being the speaker for the people that wanted my help to speak for them.

Your excuse was that it did not do any good. On many things I spoke about, that was true.

Yes, boring would be the right word to describe the meetings since there was always only one person speaking the whole time.

Now, things will be different as we have the most awesome group that are the bosses of this city and have pledged to be a team.

We have our first woman mayor ever; our second woman of the team is not only our commissioner, but also mayor pro-tem. We have two new first-time commissioners and two past ones.

Finally, someone looked up the meaning of a manager and boss and will provide to the citizens that they are the boss and that the citizens have been misled for years about who was the boss.

This is what the citizens want.

Take control of our police department from the city manger for they have and continue to be the least of his priorities. Their lives are at risk in so many ways, including for lack of body cameras, a need for new patrol cars, a need for a major overhaul of the department and more officers.

No officer should be forced to lie when a drunk driver can only be charged for public intoxication. The wages of the dispatcher that has been here for 15 years should be reinstated when she took on the job as the most important person t the safety of our police and citizens and is the backbone of any police department.

Six parks are enough for a small town like La Feria. The one proposed now should have been done a long time ago, but they thought it was more important to put three of them within a two-block area on the south end of town. Finish the Vets Park first.

Our chief of police is retiring and we have an awesome mayor that is one and she knows what we need and our team needs to have the control to hire one. Let’s make history again and hire a woman for that job, too.

Our mayor needs an office to be able to hear what our citizen complaints are and then those who don’t go to meetings will have someone that will take action on them.

I liked the recent letter I received from the city manager about a request I had made to oversee a job that I feel I have a lot of knowledge about and my advice could have been helpful.

Of course, he denied it and said it would be my intent to shadow that person. If you have nothing to hide, then it would have been no big deal. As a child, we only had a radio to listen to. One program was called, “The Shadow Knows.”

As kids, we loved it even though we were scared while listening to it. At my age, nothing in city hall can scare me, but maybe I might be surprised.

Delores Fuller La Feria