Disagreeing with Hillary vote

Dear Mr. Elmet, After reading the editorial concerning your choice to vote for Hillary because you take it for granted that she is the best candidate, your opinion may be due to the Republicans being too “gung ho” to get Jeb Bush as the candidate and proceeding to rule out, run over and eliminate the good candidates who could have run against her on the Republican ticket.

This left those of us who have followed the life of Hillary Clinton with rather poor to awful choices.

As for hate being the motive for voting for Trump and party affiliation being more important than the country, I beg to differ with you.

In my South Texas town, I vote for a lot of Democrats although I admit that I have never voted for one for president.

This time I will not be voting against a Democrat or necessarily for a Republican; I will be voting against Hillary Clinton for the sake of my country, just as you say you will be voting against Trump.

Trump was not the one I would choose to be president, but I have good reason to believe that there would be more restrictions and oversight on his activities than on those of Hillary.

She has gotten away with everything that she has been charged with, and it has not been due to innocence.

Who has laid waste to the lives of many with little evidence of remorse?

What about Billy Dale, his ordeal, the loss of his job and his savings which he suffered at her hands? Surely that is not so easily forgotten?

What about the hinderances she has instigated to try to keep Monica Lewinsky unemployed?

Why, after so many years has such vengeance been felt?

Could it be that she is secretly vindictive?

Is this a characteristic some fear in Trump?

Certainly, Trump makes no secret of what he thinks, and though opinionated, there is no evidence that he has done anything overt to express his displeasure.

Look at the Democrat party and the influence of Obama.

No matter who does what, they circle the wagons and declare innocence when the evidence does not bare them out. Party above honor seems to prevail.

In hopes that there is a remnant left of the old Goldwater integrity and spirit somewhere in the political realm, and judging from the stubborn, obstinacy of the Republicans in overlooking the garbage and deficiencies of Hillary Clinton while they criticize their own candidate, I think there is no doubt that Trump would be run out on a rail by his own party it he dared do the things she has done.

It is somewhat encouraging to think that there may be an ounce of decency in our Washington politics and a real interest in running the country the way it was intended, not by the president alone but by all those entrusted with the powers of checks and balances initiated for that purpose and by well informed, voting citizens.

Sincerely, Norma Christian Raymondville