Will your street be picked for repairs?

HARLINGEN — One of four street repair projects might be tapped for funding.

Tomorrow, city commissioners will decide whether they want to use about $200,000 remaining from a city-funded street program to pave one of four projects.

“We will ask the commission to select one roadway from a list of streets in which to spend the money,” Martha Viada, an official with the engineering and public works department, said in an email yesterday.

The list includes a 0.98-mile stretch along Queen Sago from Beckham to Stuart Place Road estimated at $152,460; a 0.46-mile stretch along Hughes from FM 800 to Tamm Lane estimated at $151,525; a 0.39-mile stretch along Drury Lane from Tamm Lane to Altas Palmas; and a 0.46-mile stretch along Beckham Road from Queen Sago to its end estimated at $141,701.