History author, journalist remembered by San Benito

SAN BENITO — An author, illustrator, adventurer and former history instructor will be remembered with a day in his honor on Saturday.

Charles M. Robinson Day is scheduled this Saturday at the San Benito Public Library from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

The celebration is free to the public, Library Director Gerardo Salazar said.

Speakers for the event will include Robinson’s daughter and member of the San Benito Historical Society, Rita Robinson.

Refreshments and snacks will be provided at the end of the event.

Locally, he was known as Charles M. “Buzz” Robinson III.

He was the son of the Reverend and Mrs. Charles Robison, born and raised in San Benito.

He wrote his first published work at the age of 14, which cataloged coins from Guatemala. He served as editor of the San Benito News and as a reporter for the Valley Morning Star.

He authored many books, including a series of publications about historic forts in Texas.

Robinson, a 1993 winner of the Texas Historical Commission’s T.R. Fehrenbach Award for his book “Bad Hand: A Biography of General Ranald S. Mackenzie,” is the author of 23 books that chronicle the West.

In 2012, the historical society presented Robinson with a Lifetime Achievement Award before his 63rd birthday.

He died shortly after.