City picks one road to pave, three will wait

HARLINGEN — Hughes Road has beaten out three other street sections for funding.

Last night, city commissioners voted to spend $151,525 out of about $200,000 remaining from a city-funded street program to pave a 0.46-mile stretch along Hughes from FM 800 to Tamm Lane.

City Manager Dan Serna recommended commissioners select the caliche stretch over three other proposed projects because it requires frequent maintenance.

“It’s a caliche road so it requires a lot of labor to maintain that road and this is an opportunity to pave it,” Serna told commissioners in a meeting.

Commissioners also took Serna’s recommendation to use any remaining money in the street program to pave the “turn-in” from Drury Lane to Tamm Lane.

Serna said construction crews could pave the two stretches while working in the general area.

“It’s an opportunity to do it at the same time because we’ll have crews out there working,” Serna said.

The two projects will be funded out of a list of proposed projects including a 0.98-mile stretch along Queen Sago from Beckham to Stuart Place Road estimated at $152,460; a 0.39-mile stretch along Drury Lane from Tamm Lane to Altas Palmas; and a 0.46-mile stretch along Beckham Road from Queen Sago to its end estimated at $141,701.