Channel traffic not expected to be impacted

PORT OF BROWNSVILLE — LNG ships will not shut down the channel to other commercial interests, or anything else for that matter. It will not impact the shrimpers and shrimp basin.

That’s the message from Port of Brownsville president and CEO Eduardo Campirano regarding the possibility of liquefied natural gas vessels coming in and out of port if any of the three facilities are built.

“It will be no different than today,” he said about the channel traffic pattern, while sitting comfortably in a conference room at the Port of Brownsville administrative building recently. “It isn’t going to shut down the island, Highway 48, the boat ramp, etc. That is not going to happen. The deal about closing the Laguna Madre for fishing, I don’t know where that comes from.”

What it does mean is more vessels in and out of the port on a regular basis.

“There are some days

we have none,” he said of the current port traffic. “Other days we are busy. We are certainly not a Houston or Corpus or Galveston.”

The port averages about 95 vessel calls per month – more than half of those are river barges.

Others that make up about 10 per month each include tugs, tankers and bulk cargo containers. That compares to an average of 500 monthly calls in and out of Corpus Christi.

The addition of three LNG facilities in the Port of Brownsville could mean as many as 20 more vessel calls per week.

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