City has wrong priorities

Re: Harlingen spending wish list Well, here we go on the economic downward spiral as a result of the socialist philosophies running the majority of the world with unrestrained spending. Spending on every desire that the vanity of a society demands, without regard to where or from whom the funds will be extracted.

Of course, those who understand and reason know it will be our children and grandchildren who will pay with their lives in subservience and poverty. The well of socialist policies of freebees for all is quickly drying up as seen in countries in Europe and around the world.

With economic earthquake beginning, the city of Harlingen and other tax entities want to embark on frivolous spending which are not basic needs to the citizens of Harlingen. Among the unnecessary projects this time are the convention center, soccer fields, Lon C. Hill development, and trail system that goes under water on every flood, requiring more funds.

The “Dumpster Tower” illusion is most certainly not a necessity. For that project, may I put forth a proposal to those who may wish this building to disappear? The proposal is a fundraiser, having everyone in favor of blasting the building to oblivion to contribute to the purchase of the dynamite. I will contribute toward the purchase of the first stick and match to light it.

The city could turn it into a festival event of explosive moneymaking schemes. We could have live bands, beer, street dances, car shows, venders and a carnival with media to record all the activities.

Some proposals put forward do have merit, such as drainage projects. We all know the whole city needs that.

Police and fire department upgrades, we would all agree are always a need for our protection. Let us not forget what is under our feet, which is drinking water system and sewer system which is breaking down constantly.

We need an additional wastewater treatment facility in a different location with lift stations equipped with backup emergency power. I am sure Combes remembers this during Dolly.

By the way, what happened to the $18 million from the bond issue to move the railroad from the downtown area? For those who voted for that bond, take a pill and calm down while you wit on the train to get through Harrison, Tyler and North Sunshine streets.

The rest of the streets are really unimportant to our leadership in Harlingen. These are the socialistic characters you keep voting for. Your grandchildren will also be waiting on those same streets and they will be paying for the spent bond and this new $47 million they wish to spend.

Elias Torres Harlingen