Mission to Mars: Local camp gives budding engineers a taste of power

HARLINGEN – We’re surrounded by raw power, energy without focus or direction.

It comes in the form or wind, water, heat and other elements. It can even describe people who may have some sort of untapped potential yet to be realized.

However, College 1st held a camp this week to give some budding engineers a taste of the STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The camp engaged the students in activities to teach them about using that raw power and their potential to approach the task from different directions.

The three-day camp at Gutierrez Middle School began Monday with “Mars Journey.” The students learned what supplies they would need for a journey to Mars, how they would travel there, and how they would return.

Yesterday the participants, 120 students from the district’s five middle schools, learned about environmental engineering.

“We want the kids to realize there are different forms of renewable energy and then explore that,” said Ernesto Villarreal, executive director of College 1st.

The Edinburg-based program is designed to increase the number of students who are ready to attend post-secondary education after graduating from high school.

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