Recognized: TSTC sergeant receives special recognition for hurricane preparedness

As a police officer at Texas State Technical College in Harlingen, going above and beyond the line of duty is a normal part of the job. However, being recognized for going the extra mile came as quite a shock for Sergeant Eduardo Patiño, who was awarded a police Letter of Commendation on June 17, for his attentive work in facilitating the 2016 Hurricane Tabletop exercise.

“Honestly, when I was awarded, it took me by surprise,” explained the 31-year-old San Benito native. “There’s a need for us to have this set of skills and to make sure that everyone involved knows and understands their duties.”

Tabletop exercises are conducted on the TSTC campus to ensure that emergency personnel are adequately prepared to handle difficult situations.

“This was the fourth Tabletop exercise, and it was done to test our current emergency operations force,” explained Patiño. “I did the PowerPoint presentation and generated our after-action reports—some extra leg work.”

TSTC Chief of Police Aurelio Torres shared the same positive attitude when describing Sergeant Patiño’s efforts.

“The TSTC Police Department is committed to acknowledging specific acts of professional behavior in keeping with the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics, which reflects positively upon the department and the college,” he stated. “He is a good role model to all and provides professional services, even when the boss is away.”

Sergeant Patiño celebrated his seventh year as a police officer on June 8 and is ecstatic about what the future holds.

“I finished my academic core year and now I’m studying Criminal Justice. I want to pursue my bachelor’s and eventually my master’s if I can,” he explained. “I’m where I want to be, and am happy doing police work.”

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