HARLINGEN — “Consent of the Governed” is a famous line from John Locke, a 16th century philosopher.

People said it wouldn’t work, that it would create disorder. But the founding fathers applied it so effectively it’s lasted more than 200 years so Jessica Molina could celebrate Freedom Fest 2016 yesterday.

The event at Lon C. Hill Park was presented by the city of Harlingen. It included fireworks, food vendors, and music by Aaron Watson and Gary Hobbs.

Molina gave considerable thought to the founding fathers declaring independence from England, a bold move.

“These are people who wanted to make things happen,” she said. “They made the Constitution for us to have our country. It was something that we needed in this land, freedom for our country.”

Declaring independence and then creating a self-governing body was considered a radical move by some.

Government by the people and for the people was an idea that had been circulated among intellectual circles. Some versions of self government had been practiced on a small scale in the preceding centuries, and the Ancient Greeks lived under a democracy.

However, it hadn’t been attempted on a scale as big as the American colonies.

The declaration was one of many steps toward a Constitution which is believed to have been influenced by many sources, including philosophers, Ancient Greek texts and other sources. Some say the founding fathers drew some inspiration from the Iroquois Confederacy. However, some dispute this.

What people generally don’t dispute is how much they enjoy and value July 4th.

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