SAN BENITO — Rescuers in boats and a dive team searched the resaca for hours yesterday after a report that a man had fallen into the water, but to no avail.

Police received a report that a man was sitting next to the Union Pacific Railroad tracks, several yards from the Stenger Street bridge, when he fell in about 1:45 p.m.

A San Benito family later told police that a relative in his 60s who is known to frequent the resaca area had gone missing.

Three San Benito firefighters searched the resaca in a boat using a drag tool. Two state game wardens also launched a boat to search.

They were later joined by the Brownsville Fire Department Dive Team. But as of press time last night, no body had been found.

The search was suspended about 8 p.m., but will resume this morning, Interim Police Chief Michael Galvan said.

“We still have not confirmed what we are looking for,” Galvan said inside a mobile command center last night.

“We did a lot of searching in the water and so far, we haven’t turned up anything.”

The man who was reported missing is known to “roam the city,” he said.

“The person of interest we’re looking for is not easy to contact. He doesn’t have a phone. We’re searching friends, family and his normal hangouts to see if he turns up. But so far, in the water and out in the city, we’ve been unable to locate him.”

Galvan said officers would continue to “spotlight” the resaca on patrols during the night.