Girl Scouts to honor HCISD president Gerry Fleuriet

HARLINGEN — There is more to Girl Scouts than the thin mints.

No. Not possible, you say.

What about Gerry Fleuriet? Oh, yeeaahh ….

Even the Girl Scouts themselves think Fleuriet, president of the Harlingen Consolidated Independent School District, is a pretty good deal. So good, in fact, that the Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas will honor her Aug. 4 at the 12th Annual Award of Distinction Gala and Silent Auction.

“I am so honored to receive this award because to me the Girl Scouts represent so many wonderful people giving so much of themselves and their resources to help girls all over the Rio Grande Valley,” Fleuriet said. “I especially admire the Girl Scouts’ efforts to encourage and provide opportunities to girls from all walks of life.”

The Award of Distinction honors community leaders who have dedicated themselves to serving others, says an article on the Harlingen school district website. Veronica Garcia, Girl Scouts Chief Development Officer, said Fleuriet’s work in the community has had a major impact.

“Her tireless efforts in promoting education and health awareness have impacted so many individuals whose lives were truly transformed,” Garcia said. “She is one of the greatest advocates for dedicated service to others.”

Fleuriet served on the board of the Girl Scouts of Greater South Texas in 2006. However, her involvement in the organization began when she herself was a Girl Scout. She later became a Girl Scout leader when her daughter was in scouts. Her granddaughter also was a Girl Scout.

Drawing on a lifetime of experiences, Fleuriet says Girl Scouts provides girls with opportunities to grow and mature.

“It gives them the opportunity to grow mentally and to grow in terms of knowing themselves better, to grow through experiences,” she said. “The camping experiences alone provide opportunities for our girls they might not otherwise have, to come together and work on projects.”

Fleuriet has been on the Harlingen school board since 1996, but she has been a community service volunteer for more than 40 years. She is currently serving her fourth term as school board president.