San Benito City Commission closing in on phase 2 for skate park

SAN BENITO — The city is much closer to progressing with phase two of the skate park.

Last night, Richard Correa with LNV Engineering gave city commissioners an update on the second phase, which has been narrowed down to two different types of park.

However, although they went into discussion, no final plans have been made yet.

Correa said he has been in contact with American Ramp Company, which has given him two options for the design, a pre-cast concrete skate park and a metal portable style skate park.

Commissioners agreed both options would require the expansion of the current cement slab that the skate pad now sits on. After adding to the size of the slab, the city would then add more equipment.

This would give skaters more room for their sport.

However, Correa said it all depends on how much the city would like to spend.

Adding to the cement slab would cost an additional $10,000 to $20,000, without equipment.

“The engineering firm we are working with has been asked to include bowls and ramps that most skaters want,” said Parks and Recreation Director Art Garza.

Garza said the city has invested $10,000 in the project to date. “In reality, spending dictated how big it could be,” he said.

Work on the project was performed by in-house crews to help preserve the resources of the city.

The decision to relocate the park from downtown to Stookey Park was made in the best interest of the skaters, Mayor Celeste Sanchez said. “The new atmosphere at Stookey is better suited for youth who enjoy skating,” she said.

To get the ball rolling, one local entity has pledged to help the future skate park come to fruition.

“The San Benito Elks Lodge has stepped up to offer to help in the construction of the skate park,” Garza said.

“They are willing to donate funds to the skate park, which we think is great. The skaters I have talked with know that it’s going to take some fundraising and grants to get what they want.”

At the conclusion of last night’s meeting, Correa was tasked with gathering more information regarding the skate park, so commissioners could start making concrete decisions.

Commissioners also decided they would hold a workshop July 18 at 5:30 p.m. to discuss the project further.

Correa also said he would contact local skaters with the goal of seeking their input and encourage them to attend the workshop.