Causeway crossings: July numbers top 1 million annually

SOUTH PADRE ISLAND — It’s a tradition for many people to let the hard, cool breeze hit their hands as they drive across the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway.

The release of the total numbers of cars speeding along the causeway in 2015 by the Texas Department of Transportation is indication the passengers who enjoy waiving their hand out the window while crossing is in the millions.

The report also shows July is undoubtedly the most important month of the year as more people come to the Island each year.

More cars crossing the causeway mean more visitors on the Island likely spending more money.

And for the last four years, more than one million cars have crossed the Queen Isabella Memorial Causeway to reach the Island just during the month of July.

“July is the biggest contributor to our economy in sales tax and Hotel Occupancy Tax,” said Darla Jones, interim city manager.

With more than a million cars crossing the bridge in July only, families and friends are on the beach enjoying its many attractions.

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