Mega Millions jackpot passes half billion dollars

BROWNSVILLE— Brownsville residents are ready to take another crack at the elusive $540 Mega Millions jackpot today.

Many people are purchasing tickets from the Exxon on Alton Gloor Boulevard , the “lucky” store that has sold a number of winning tickets in the past year.

Mega Millions tickets and scratch-offs are the store’s top sellers, said Milly Ochoa, the manager.

“We go through seven to 15 packs of tickets a day,” Ochoa said. “If the jackpot is big enough, we end up selling a bunch of tickets and scratch-offs.”

There is a certain allure to the “what if,” said Tony Ramirez, a Brownsville resident who buys scratch-offs twice a week.

“You never know. You hear about people hitting the jackpot, and it makes you want to come by and try your luck,” Ramirez said. “Maybe you’ll be the next one.”

The next drawing is at 10 p.m. tonight.