Mesquite House BBQ opens its doors

SANTA ROSA — Eduardo Vasquez sold so many brisket plates for a fundraiser in town that it just made sense to open up a restaurant and sell brisket and barbecue every day.

Mesquite House BBQ opened its doors officially yesterday after a ribbon-cutting ceremony hosted by the Lower Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

Restaurant owner Andres Zamarripas, 65, said he opened the family-owned restaurant now that he’s a retired truck driver.

“It’s been a dream for us to open a restaurant and to serve the people,” Vasquez, the restaurant manager, said. “We got a great cook and we hope it grows and everybody likes the food.”

The restaurant is open 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or until the food sells out every day. It’s located at 123 Main Street in Santa Rosa.

“Santa Rosa’s highways and expressways go anywhere in the Valley from Edinburg to Raymondville, Harlingen or La Feria,” said Tony Gutierrez, a Lower Valley Hispanic Chamber board member. “A lot of people can just pick up a plate and take it with them where they’re going.”

The owners said, excitingly, they are going to smoke out Santa Rosa as they plan to prepare and cook their cuts of meat all night long every night under a mesquite-burning fire to get the meat ready for the next day.

“We’ve been cooking for 15 years and we’re always competitors in barbecue cook-offs,” Vasquez said. “

“I think it’s awesome that we’re having this grand opening because the food here is great,” said Javier Florencia, Santa Rosa mayor pro-tem. “It’s a new restaurant and we didn’t have anything like this in Santa Rosa.”

Florencia said they need to bring in more new businesses into Santa Rosa for the people to enjoy.

“It’s been about two years going on three since another business has opened in town,” Florencia said.