Debris on expressway caused highway closure near La Feria

Were you one of the hundreds of drivers who got stuck on the expressway late yesterday near La Feria?

The Texas Department of Public Safety says there was a huge accident that involved one its patrol vehicles.

The DPS says a trooper stopped on the eastbound lane of Interstate 2/U.S. Expressway 83 a mile east of FM 733 to remove debris that had fallen from another vehicle.

While the trooper was out of his unit a Jeep Wrangler slammed into a Ford F150 that had slowed down as a precaution. The pickup then struck the DPS vehicle.

The trooper was not hurt, but the driver and passenger of the truck were transported to Valley Baptist Medical Center for none life threatening injuries.

DPS Sgt. Maria Montalvo says anyone who sees debris on the highway should call local authorities. She said troopers will stop and ticket drivers who fail to properly secure their loads in vehicles.

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