Ay, Chihuahua

Brownsville firefighters rescued a Chihuahua found inside a burning home Wednesday.

The little Chihuahua — close to death — was found inside a small kennel in the home on East 20th Street and was not able to break free on its own.

The kennel already was starting to melt, authorities said.

Firefighters arrived at the scene late Wednesday afternoon and noticed smoke coming out of a window.

A “360“ check was done around the home to see if anyone was inside, firefighter/EMT Basic Viviana Gaytan and firefighter/paramedic Roger Lee McArdle said.

They used a nearby water hose to try and put out the blaze until fire Engine No. 3 arrived at the scene.

A neighbor approached the firefighters and told them that the family had a dog and believed it was still inside the burning home.

The family was not home when the fire occurred. After the fire was extinguished, the firefighters went back inside the house and found the dog in the kennel in the corner of the room, firefighter/EMT Jason Sheldon said.

The dog was handed over to the medics, who revived the dog.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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