The craze is on: Local residents joining Pokémon cultural phenomenon

Gary Meade captured Geodude in front of the store counter at his Bullrider Western Wear business.

The Pokémon appeared inside his store and he began to swipe pokéballs at the two-handed critter floating around his store until it was gobbled up by the pokéball.

Meade’s Bullrider store is one of the many Pokéstops in Harlingen that has residents, young and old, venturing all over town looking for more pokéballs and catching Pokémon with their phones.

The game has taken the country by storm as 21 million people are playing the game on their cellphones.

Chances are people walking around town looking down at their phones are playing Pokémon Go.

Meade said it’s all OK with him and it’s been helping his business, too.

On Monday, the Bullrider Boot Shop owner couldn’t figure out why there were so many people walking around his storefront, and taking photos of the store logo.

“We have noticed several people drive up and they sit there for a while and they just leave,” Meade said. “Someone came in and said there was a Pokémon in the store and they were looking for it.”

Another customer entered the store with a child looking for Pokémon and after they caught one, they decided to buy a pair of boots.

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