Smooth sailing: Ratliff Street shiny, new and ready for traffic

SAN BENITO — As residents cruise down Ratliff Street they will notice a whole new road.

It’s not the pothole infested street it once was.

The reconstruction on the street is nearing completion.

Yesterday, city crews applied a new layer of sleek black shiny asphalt.

Because the reconstruction on Ratliff required superficial and inside repairs, some time has been spent perfecting the street for future traffic and nearby residents.

This follows the replacement of all the old water and sewer lines buried under Ratliff Street, said Public Works Director Adan Gonzalez.

Waiting was in the best interest of the city.

“We had to wait for the company that was contracted to make those repairs before we could come in to finish the job. It wouldn’t have been a smart idea to repave the street and go in later for those water and sewer line repairs, tearing up the new pavement,” Gonzalez said.

“Once the work is done, we will have a perfectly good street that will last for many years to come.”

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