Houston woman busted with $400,000 seized during traffic stop

COMBES — Police are investigating the case of a Houston woman from whom about $400,000 in cash was seized during a traffic stop.

Yesterday, Police Chief Patrick Quill declined to disclose whether the 45-year-old woman had been arrested or what charges she may face.

Quill said the woman has refused to cooperate with investigators.

Police found the hidden cash after pulling over the woman’s Dodge pickup truck for a traffic violation while southbound on U.S. 77 south of Business 77 about 5 p.m. Sunday, Quill said.

Quill said suspicion led officers to search the truck.

“The driver provided officers with an inconsistent description of her travels, which led officers to become suspicious of the true nature of (her) activities,” Quill said in a press release.

Quill called it a “unique case, even for us.”

“At this time, the investigation into how she came into possession of such a large amount of U.S. currency and her intended destination remains under investigation,” he said.