City OKs project to rewire Harlingen Public Library’s computer network

HARLINGEN — Soon, the library’s Internet access will be running 66 times faster.

Last night, city commissioners approved a $58,226 project to contract with Insight Public Sector to rewire the Harlingen Public Library’s computer network.

Officials have applied for a Federal Communications Commission grant to fund $49,492 of the project while the city would pay $8,734, Library Director Dauna Campbell told commissioners yesterday.

The project will improve Internet speed and wireless communications while allowing the library to expand. The new network will replace the library’s wiring system installed in 1999, officials said.

At that time, the library’s connection had a capacity of 1.5 megabits per second, Assistant Director Joseph Muñiz said before the meeting.

Now, he said, the library has a connection of 100 megabits per second.

“We really need to catch up,” Muñiz said.

Muñiz said the new network will allow the library to use its 100-megabit connection to boost its Internet speed to 66 times faster.

“We want to get it upgraded to current standards and speeds,” Muñiz said. “The services will allow it to be more reliable and make it faster to access the Internet. It’s going to be like going from a two-lane highway full of potholes to a modern six-lane highway with nice paving.”

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