Texas delegates welcome new leader

PHILADELPHIA — Democratic Party leaders from Texas and Cameron County welcomed Donna Brazile yesterday as the right choice to lead the Democratic National Committee following Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s sudden downfall.

Brazile is the veteran Democratic political strategist and DNC vice chair who President Obama named interim chair following Wasserman-Shultz’s departure over leaked e-mails. Brazile is well versed in running national campaigns, Texas Democratic Chairman Gilbert Hinojosa said.

Hinojosa, the former Cameron County judge, said he expects great things out of Brazile.

“She not only has the confidence of party leaders, she has first-hand experience running national campaigns,” Hinojosa said. “She’s one of the best public speakers we have, she’s really, really smart and she’s fun to be around. She’s funny, hilarious when she wants to be, but a really strong leader, and tough.”

Hinojosa, his wife Cyndi, and other Cameron County and Texas delegates spoke following a reception and lunch for the Hispanic Caucus at the Airport Marriot before heading over to the convention.

Even though Wasserman Shultz’s troubles for playing favorites to Hillary Clinton were getting much of the attention yesterday, Cyndi Hinojosa said Philadelphia was in a festive, welcoming mood with the convention about to get underway.

“Everyone is so happy,” she said. “There is signage everywhere saying, ‘I’m with her.’ It appears that it’s going to be a nice convention. We’re excited to head over (to the convention) and root for her because we’re for her.”

Gilbert Hinojosa said the mood in Philadelphia compared to the attitude at last week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland provides a clear choice.

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