New apartment complex on the way

HARLINGEN — A major apartment and housing development totaling 100 units is on the board for North Grimes Avenue.

The $3.4 million development will be located at the corner of Grimes and Loop 499, and will consist of six 8-plex units (six buildings, 48 apartments) and six 4-plex units (six buildings, 24 apartments).

Also on the drawing board are 28 single-family homes on the 7.5-acre tract.

“It’s a good area and it should be a good project for Harlingen,” said Alex Banda, project designer and a principal with B&B Design of Brownsville.

The project owner according to documents filed with the state is Dr. Hassan Ameer, a Harlingen neurologist.

“The planning is to be more of a gated-type of community,” Banda said. “So you have a little bit more of a private entrance with a keypad and a touchpad.”

Banda said it was too early to discuss price points for leases for the apartments, or for the single-family homes.

“I haven’t heard yet what they plan to price them at,” he said.

Work on the project could begin as early as Aug. 1, but such a large housing footprint will take nearly two years to complete, according to documents filed with the state.

The completion date is tentatively scheduled for June 2018.

“It’s a large project,” Banda said. “Hopefully we don’t have any big challenges up ahead of us other than what the city will require from us.”

Montemayor-Hansen, Garcia, Villafranco and Associates of Brownsville is handling engineering for the development.