San Benito reviewing designs for skatepark

SAN BENITO — One concern local skaters have about the current skatepad is there is not enough room to perform the tricks and maneuvers they desire.

City commissioners know this and that is why they want to expand the skatepad into a fully-functioning skatepark with more equipment.

Mayor Celeste Sanchez said she is all too familiar with the concerns of the skaters and wants to do something about it.

“They say they get started and they’re already at the end. There’s not enough length,” she said.

For now, a 2,400-square- foot cement slab sits at Stookey Park. On top sit four pieces of equipment.

Now, in an effort to make the community and local skaters happy, the City Commission has narrowed down the designs for the skatepark expansion.

All would involve adding more concrete and equipment to the existing skatepad.

Last week, Richard Correa with LNV Engineering presented the design options to city commissioners during their workshop meeting on the subject.

The last time Correa presented to the commission, they urged him to figure out exactly how much the city would have to expand the current skatepad in order to get the right fit for them.

This time, he came back with actual design models.

According to Correa, the functionality of the park will only be able to accommodate above-ground components.

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