Lowrider riding high: San Benito man wins top trophy at Valley Life Car Club picnic

HARLINGEN — You’ve undoubtedly seen them out and around in the Rio Grande Valley.

The have become quite popular over the years.

But, you’ve probably never seen a lowrider bicycle quite like the one San Benito’s Sergio Reyes, 22, built.

This long bike has tons of twisted metal known as bird cages, a seat covered with 1962 Impala upholstery, springer forks, sissy bar, fenders, whitewall tires and even a radio.

Last weekend, it was apparent many others hadn’t seen one like it either. Reyes received a first-place trophy for his white and chrome lowrider at the Valley Life Car Club picnic in Weslaco.

“That’s one of a kind,” he said.

With a wide smile Sergio rolled his bike out and swung his left leg over highly customized pedal-powered vehicle and plopped down on the red velvet like banana seat. Sergio grabbed the trophy and held it tight, every once in a while staring at the award and his latest pride and joy, the bike.

He worked on the bicycle for about six months.

“I put my heart into this,” he said.

The 2012 San Benito High School graduate is attending Texas State Technical College with hopes to finish in December and move on to obtain a job at an auto body shop.

A member of the Legacy Car Club of San Benito, Sergio enjoys what he is doing and has done this type of work for years, since he was a kid, he said.

He was quick to admit he did all the chrome work, from scratch. That’s where the twisted metal strips come in.

Despite his work on the bike, he never suspected he would win the trophy for his creation.

“I was just there having a good time,” Sergio said. “When it was finished, they were handing out trophies. I was just surprised when I got one.”

About 300 to 400 people attended the picnic.

Sergio said he wants to take a break, but also would like to be ready for the next show, which is set for Aug. 21 in McAllen.

There’s still more work to do on the bike.

Sergio said he wants to add a Chevy logo to the front and also pinstripe the white body of the bike.

“There’s not much time,” he said. “I wanted to take a break, but I am getting my bike done.”