Rangers arrest Willacy jailer

    RAYMONDVILLE — An incident at the Willacy County Jail led to the arrest of a jailer.

    Details of the incident were not immediately released.

    Texas Rangers arrested jailer Bobby Lee Vela on charges of assault and violations of civil rights, Department of Public Safety spokesman Lt. Johnny Hernandez said in an email yesterday.

    Sheriff Larry Spence said the arrest was in connection with a recent incident at the county jail.

    “All I can say is there is an ongoing investigation into an incident that happened at the jail,” Spence said yesterday.

    “When they called me I was at a sheriff’s conference in Grapevine. I told them to send him home, have him come back in the morning. In the meantime, open an internal investigation and call the Rangers.”

    Spence said he did not want to release further information until after he talks with the Ranger investigating the case.

    “It’s his investigation. It’s no longer ours,” he said.

    He said more information will be available tomorrow.

    Hernandez said Vela was arrested Friday.