Who’s the ‘Best of the Best’: Readers choose top businesses, more in annual tradition

    HARLINGEN — Where can I get the best fajitas, pizza or wings?

    I need a new car, where should I go?

    Where do I find the best gift for my spouse?

    Who’s the best family doctor, pet groomer or manicurist?

    The list goes on and on.

    And once again, the Valley Morning Star readers and local residents have spoken.

    They can tell you the answers to all of those questions and many more.

    “It’s an honor to receive a Reader’s Choice Award because it is our local community who votes for the best in their opinion,” advertising director Chris Castillo said.

    Thousands of votes were cast in the 2016 VMS Reader’s Choice Awards and the winners are being revealed in each of the nearly 150 categories determining the best of the best in Cameron and Willacy counties.

    “This isn’t a ‘check the box’ vote,” Castillo said. “Our readers have to write or type in the name of the business or person they choose to nominate. For our readers to take the time to fill out a survey means they recognize the best of the best.”

    That’s all in today’s edition in a special section created just for our readers.

    “Our annual Reader’s Choice section allows us to connect with the community,” publisher Lilia Jones said. “Through our website and newspaper, we capture a broad audience. The friendly competition within each category creates engagement in the marketplace.”

    It’s also an honor most businesses take very seriously, putting up their certificates on the walls and using the Reader’s Choice logo on marketing and advertising materials.

    “Local businesses take the time to get their employees, friends and families involved and ultimately the Reader’s Choice winners are showcased in our newspaper and on valleystar.com, being recognized as the 2016 best in class.”