Woman in ambulance/semi crash had ‘cardiac event’ at home

LOS FRESNOS — A Los Fresnos woman who died after a collision of a tractor-trailer and an ambulance was being taken to the hospital after a “severe cardiac event at home,” an attorney said yesterday.

Elizabeth Ruiz, 50, was pronounced dead at a hospital after the July 19 accident at the intersection of FM 511 and FM 1847, known as Paredes Line Road.

EMS had been called to her Los Fresnos home earlier that day after she had “a pretty severe cardiac event,” attorney John Flood said.

The EMS personnel worked on her in the ambulance.

“They got two IVs going. Along the way, the intubated her and they used a defibrillator on her and got her heart going,” he said.

“So the EMS had done a great job of getting her revived and her heart was beating again and they were en route to the hospital,” he said.

That happened about 12:11 p.m. and the accident occurred about 12:14 p.m., he said.

He said yesterday he wanted to clarify an earlier comment about the accident.

“She was being taken to the hospital in an emergency situation,” he said.