San Benito schools face ‘painful’ audit

SAN BENITO — The school district lacks a comprehensive curriculum management plan to guide and design delivery of a written curriculum. The scope of the written curriculum is inadequate.

These were some of the findings from a curriculum audit presented last night to the school board.

“This is an honest look at the district. Yes, it’s painful,” Superintendent Dr. Adrian Vega said.

However painful the audit findings were, Vega also found them hopeful.

“Now we know what we need to do. To re-imagine what we can become. We are in this together,” he said.

Lead auditor and presenter Kate Coleman said everything in the audit is fixable if the district is willing to do the work.

For this audit, Coleman and her team viewed thousands of documents, visited schools and interviewed hundreds of district employees.

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• Inequalities exist in access to programs, services, interventions and learning opportunities and communication. Inconsistent resource allocation practices have contributed to the inequalities.

• The district lacks a comprehensive student assessment and program evaluation plan.

• Access to technology and technology-based resources is inadequately distributed across campuses.

How the district should fix the issues

• Refine the district planning process to focus human and financial resources.

• Develop and implement a comprehensive curriculum management system.

• Develop a comprehensive student assessment and program evaluation plan.