What will be the city’s priorities? Harlingen leaders to rank projects

HARLINGEN — The number looks like it may be 17. City leaders might be focusing on that number of projects during the next 10 years.

In a meeting today, city commissioners will consider pulling the projects out of a 10-year plan and placing them on a priority list.

“We don’t want this plan to sit on a shelf and gather dust,” Mayor Chris Boswell said in a statement yesterday. “We want it to be our road map to keep the city moving forward toward economic progress and progress in our quality of life.”

In June, commissioners, along with Jesse Robles, chairman of the Harlingen Community Development Board, selected the projects out of the new 150-page 10-year plan called One Vision, One Harlingen Comprehensive Plan.

“All of the plan is important but you have to start somewhere,” Boswell said. “Even though we say they are priorities, they still might take a long time to accomplish. That’s OK, because at least we know where we are going.”

During a two-year period, consultants Halff & Associates used community input to draft the plan, envisioning the city as a transportation hub with a vibrant retail district and thriving medical complex.

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