Drink up, Santa Rosa, the water is fine now

SANTA ROSA— It’s safe to drink the water.

“The water was tested and everything is fine,” said Jesus Carillo, Santa Rosa water department director.

The city of Santa Rosa announced yesterday the boil water notice issued Monday following the loss of system pressure has been lifted.

After water pressure was restored, the city collected and submitted samples to the Texas Department of State Health Services laboratory for analysis.

Mayor Pro-Tem Javier Florencia didn’t have a problem with the water at his home in the mornings.

“I used the shower in the morning before I went to work on Monday and Tuesday,” Florencia said.

On Monday there was still enough water pressure in his home and by Tuesday morning the water pressure of the town had already been restored.

Florencia said he did boil water for two minutes before he used it to cook during the boil notice.

Officials said the lab found no bacteria present in the water, and the chlorine residual present in the water exceeded state standards.

The boil water notice was issued as a precautionary measure due to low system pressure.

Officials said at no time was there an indication that contaminants were present in the city’s drinking water supply.

Moving forward, the city is taking steps to prevent the recurrence of the problem.

Due to the equipment failure on Sunday, the city of Santa Rosa was required by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to notify customers of the need to boil their water prior to consumption.

The need to boil water was to ensure destruction of all harmful bacteria and other microbes in the water prior to drinking, cooking and making ice.

Repairs to the city’s second plant are continuing, and once completed later this week, the city will have back-up treatment capacity.