HARLINGEN — Three generations of the Boggus family arrived at their Harlingen dealership yesterday with wide smiles.

There was a good reason.

Frank, Bob and Jacob Boggus walked into the dealership along Highway 83 together to receive Ford’s President’s Award, given to only the top 10 percent of all dealerships in the country.

Chris Norton, Ford’s Houston region services manager, described the Boggus brand as very, very, very strong.

“This is a multi-generation dealership,” Norton said. “That’s the backbone of Ford Motor Company.”

Only 10 percent of more than 3,500 Ford auto dealerships from across the county receive the award.

“We are extremely proud to earn the award,” said Jacob Boggus, company business development and internet sales director. “It’s an award that is not earned by every single dealership and it takes a lot of commitment from every single team member.”

Representatives from Ford coming from Houston were in Harlingen yesterday to present the President’s Award.

The award is one of the company’s most prestigious honors.

The President’s Award recognizes dealers that achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction in both sales and service.

“It takes every single person in this dealership to accomplish this award,” Norton said. “It’s an incredible accomplishment for Boggus Ford.”

Dealers who receive the award exceed customer expectations in every department and exhibit the passion, tenacity and hard work that results in a top-performing dealership.

The Boggus family has been a pioneer in the automotive industry in the Rio Grande Valley for more than 80 years.

The Boggus Auto Group is one of the few Ford dealerships in the country owned continuously by the same family.

Bob Boggus expressed his thanks to the group of employees at the presentation.

“You guys are all in the front lines and I’m not,” Bob Boggus said. “And I appreciate all of you for what you did for us to receive this award.”