TSTC instructor earns recognition for his work

BY Amanda Sotelo

David Campos has dedicated 15 years of his career to Texas State Technical College and was recently honored with a 2016 Chancellor’s Award at the National Institute for Staff and Organizational Development Awards Dinner and Celebration.

The award given out by Chancellor Mike Reeser, is given to faculty and staff for their service to their college, communities and their state.

“I’m the type of guy who does the job because it has to get done and I enjoy it. I never look for a pat on the back or recognition,” said Campos. “So winning this award was an honor and I appreciate people taking notice in my work.”

Campos is Department Chair and Instructor for the Architectural Design and Engineering Graphics program. He began his journey at TSTC as a student in the same program. He earned his associate degree in 1989.

“Architecture and design is something I’ve always been interested in pursuing,” said Campos. “I studied it in high school, so finding a program at TSTC with experienced and knowledgeable faculty was a dream come true.”

Immediately after graduating with his associate degree Campos said faculty within his program helped him land a job in Waco in the aerospace industry. During his 12 years in North Texas, Campos also opened his own architectural business designing and constructing custom homes and commercial buildings.

“My business was short-lived;, it was opened for about six years, because when the opportunity to return to the RGV became available my wife and I jumped at the chance,” said Campos. “TSTC was offering me a position. Not only was this a new stage in my career, but also a chance to move closer to family.”

Taking the job offer at TSTC proved to be a good move for Campos. He said teaching and helping students grow has been rewarding.

“It’s really nice when students graduate and their parents thank you. Then the students come back once they’re working and they thank you also,” said Campos. “It makes me feel like I’m actually making a difference in someone’s life and in the community.”

It is also the very reason that Campos is earned the Chancellor’s Award according to Engineering Division Director Dan Bodnar.

“He is truly a person who deserves this award for all of his hard work and dedication to his program, his students and the college,” said Bodnar. “He brings to this program and his students real-world experiences through many community projects which enrich the students’ knowledge and help in the development of the community the students live.”

Campos hopes to grow and develop professionally with TSTC and that his leadership will continue to help the program expand.

“I’m going to continue working hard and doing my job,” said Campos. “I pray that our program continues to change lives and leads to successful careers.”

For more information on Architectural Design and Engineering Graphics call 956-364-4694. Registration for Fall 2016 is in progress. To apply or register visit tstc.edu.