Both Harlingen high schools will face tough judges

The judge is on the field, watching your every move.

You break out in a sweat. Your concentration hones in on each finger as it hits a key on your clarinet. The note dances from the instrument, then another, and another …

For a second year in a row, Harlingen High School and Harlingen High School South will compete in the Bands of America competition in McAllen.

“It’s more up close and personal,” said Shane Shinsato, band director for Harlingen High School South.

“They grade on individual musical performance and individual visual performance,” he said.

This is a significant departure from the UIL Marching Contest held each year. That contest, known locally as the Pigskin Jubilee, entails bands presenting their show while judges in the stands grade them on certain criteria.

It’s a major fanfare, with fans and families filling the stands to cheer them on.

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