Mercedes looking for volunteers to join boards, committees

MERCEDES — The city of Mercedes is looking for a few good men and women to join its city boards and committees.

“I think it’s very important for the community to take part in the development of their hometown,” City Manager Richard Garcia said.

The city has vacancies in the Mercedes Industrial Foundation, Keep Mercedes Beautiful Committee and Buildings and Standards Commission Board.

The city has nine boards and committees offering opportunities for individuals to volunteer their services on significant city matters.

The city boards and committees may be fiduciary, regulatory, policy-setting or advisory.

Members of the boards contribute to the decision-making of the mayor, City Commission and the city.

“Keep Mercedes Beautiful has been doing a lot of work and improving the look of the community,” Garcia said.

The committee has recognized homeowners for their yards. The group also has organized many cleanup projects called “Trash Bashes” and has been recognized at the state level for its various activities.

“We want our community to progress, and we all need to use our time and talents to make a difference,” Garcia said.

The Mercedes Industrial Foundation is the real-estate arm of the city and is looking to fill some vacancies.

“We have a number of folks who review proposals and make decisions and recommendations to the City Commission,” Garcia said.

The commission has been looking for volunteers during the last couple of weeks to fill the vacancies.

“There is room for opportunities to participate in the community, whether it’s on the library board, planning and zoning, economic development board and even the school has opportunities for people to participate as well,” Garcia said.