Changing the world through music

MERCEDES — A pair of local artists have a strong message to send and they are doing it through their music.

Armando Saldana, of Mercedes, goes by the stage name Kid Zapper.

He and Jerry Yanez have just finished their new songs promoting peace and love and praising the women of the world for all the good they do.

Kid Zapper sings and plays electric guitar on both songs.

Yanez records, writes and edits the songs.

Their recent song titled “Brain Shaker” is inspired by Kid Zapper’s late mother, Mary Saldana.

Kid Zapper said he wrote the song and dedicated it to all her hard work and effort to helping people.

The song sounds like a traditional 1960s rock-n-roll track but sends the message that women have made a difference.

But when he played the song to a friend, it was suggested to Kid Zapper that he dedicate the song to Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president.

“I’m a Democrat to the bone,” Kid Zapper said.

Kid Zapper said Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president is history in the making.

He said no one ever imagined a woman would ever be running for president.

“This song really describes women nowadays and giving them credit,” Kid Zapper said. “My friend said that’s Hillary Clinton’s song, and in a way it is.”

The video to the song highlights Hillary Clinton while promoting women to continue making an impact on the world.

“Jerry gave me the idea of naming it, “Brain Shaker” and we stuck with it,” Kid Zapper said. “It’s because all woman are brain shakers and lots of times we don’t appreciate women the way we should — men don’t.”

Kid Zapper said a lot of times women are abused and not given the credit for what they have done for men and the world.

“My mother was an educator, she was a “brain shaker,” Kid Zapper said. “My mother worked 24 hours a day year-after-year through spring, summer and fall helping people.”

Kid Zapper said his mother came from Mexico and educated herself and helped other Mexicans become American citizens. Then she went out to the fields to recruit children to come out of the fields and become educated.

Yanez’s new song he wrote and produced is called “Let love be.”

“Once I heard Kid Zapper play a guitar riff a melody came to mind and I started writing the lyrics.”

He said it’s a song he wants America to hear because of the way society is attacking itself with hatred.

“It’s a song about all people, it’s about humanity and one race showing love,” Yanez said. “I believe if we show love and stop hating it will stop a lot of bad that is going on.”